Behind the ranting

I’m usually pretty shy and quiet, not often telling people what I think of them if that opinion is of a negative bent. The problem is, there are just so many idiots in the world and it aggravates me. I don’t claim to be much smarter in many situations. In fact, I’ve proven that I can be a complete moron. Just ask my ex-wife. So I must admit that sometimes I don’t have any moral high ground to stand on, or if I do, it’s pretty shaky. Nevertheless, like, I suspect, most people, I get upset about things and need to vent about it. Since I rarely let it out on the people who deserve it (just ask my ex-wife), I have started this blog to share my views with all of you. Because, thanks to the internet, I can.

I also have another blog or two, most notably Sketching Life, which you should read. Go now, and comment, damn it!


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